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Central High School

Full information about Central High School — 2200 South Roosevelt Street, Aberdeen, South Dakota 57401 South Dakota 57401

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2200 South Roosevelt Street,
Aberdeen, South Dakota

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+1 605-725-8100



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    Central High feels like a prison. If you report bullying, they don't help you as the victim, they help the bully win the battle. The dress code is stupid. They treat athletes better than anyone else including the fine arts department. They only dress code some people not everyone. If you're not in sports or you stay out of trouble, they barely know your name. Until graduation day. Don't allow decorating the caps for graduation but allow honor cords. Even though they don't want us to individualized ourselves. The parking lot is literally a danger zone in all. It takes 30 minutes to get out and accidents happen often. This school made me feel less safe. I'm so glad I'm done with that place. Worst four years of my life.
    By Saharrah Gogue, July 16, 2017
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    This school is ridiculous they never handle any situations responsibly and never listen to the students. they handle situations how they think they should they don't listen to how the student wants it handled.The Administration is ridiculous they say that this school is a "safe" and "healthy" environment for kids, but yet we have so much bullying and kids who are hurting and the teachers know it and they don't do ANYTHING about it. CHS is the worst high school and i would not recommend it to Anyone. i'm so happy this is my last year. i just wish it would go by faster.
    By mandymae 987, May 19, 2017
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